Mental Health
As a suicide survivor I have battled with my clinical depression all of my life. Yet instead of living in the shadow of my mental illness I finally decided to stand tall in my light. Now I aim to help others and break the stigma surrounding mental health through my work with organization like AFSP and NAMI 
Here I will share my advocation, my beliefs, my thoughts, and my tips on mental health

How it all began...

2 years ago my friend Joey was raising funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. and had asked me to donate and spread the word. This was the first time I had heard of the nonprofit organization. After he explained that the AFSP's mission was to break the stigma surrounding mental health and fight to raise awareness and fund research for suicide prevention I was hooked.


I had my own struggles with my depression. My younger sister has also had her experiences with mental illness. This organization spoke to me. I had always been looking for a cause to fight for, to give my heart to, to hopefully leave the world a little brighter. This video was the first time I shared my story, the first time I had volunteered for the AFSP. Since then I have joined two committees and publicly advocated for mental health and raising awareness for suicide prevention at numerous events. I'm not saying volunteering is the answer, but it has helped me and my mental health so much by becoming more mindful of the information and connecting with so many who share in this fight.


You are not alone, you are loved, you are worth even more than you think, and never forget that.



If you have any questions or are looking to become involved in the fight head to 

"Men, programmed from childhood to be "tough," and not to feel, name or express emotions, never to cry and to "man up," are all-too-often reluctant to seek needed help and support for their depression. Roro Asmar, a "manly man" by any measure, says it's long past time to redefine what it means to be masculine and strong. The 6'4" body builder, football player and business owner says "coming out about his depression was one of the most freeing and courageous things" he has ever done. Men are dying because of shame and ignorance. Depression is an illness, not a weakness. Please listen and share to spread that message."

"The truth is, dealing with depression is no joke. It interferes with your motivation, belief in yourself and overall quality of life. Trying to create a great life for yourself where you can be the best you can be becomes so much harder. My guest in this episode was no exception. He struggled for years with his mental health always digging himself deeper into a hole that he didn’t know how to escape from. He found himself at such a low point when he decided to try and take his own life. He was unsuccessful. From that point on he made the decision that he would take control of his circumstances and create something beautiful out of it.. which he did. Find out how on this episode."


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